More and More
Fractalized demons dance electric in the night
Sunflower children armed ready to fight
Look for the universe
You know the one where they live
Deep under toenails and up to our grins

One step, two steps, three hundred more
More and more I want what’s in store
Look at the vision
Hear with your eyes
More and more I know I can fly

The passage of choice
No voice to this age
The passage of dreams
A scream that will fade

Nothing is different
Nothing is same
We are all pixels
A dot in this game

Multiply and divide
Subtraction and addition
Today is the day that this can all be envisioned

That feel when you come about
risen and realize that you are you
I was always told to buy and buy until the day that I die
but why
and now I fly amongst the coffers of knowledge
no need for flesh
to make me fresh or make me better than any other
they want to pretend
Im here to up end and that’s all I can ask of this breath
cause death lie in the thought that I never fought
for progress

Im comin in here with a new angle
rebuilt from scraps
used pieces from peace and quiet

I no longer feel rage in this page
for age has made me a sage
with a new purpose:
Im worth less
when I feel worthless

my thoughts arent reality
just mentality
If I am meant to see me
I need only live and be me
thats what it is to be free

system at it again
it takes courage to question perception
reality as seen
society as believed
to bend a trend of perpetual ignorance
behavior is key
there is no script
into a vision where you
either hold face
or lie to lie in a bed of filthy tissues
crying filthy issues       



Acrid acid alimony
against anti-antagonism
ambiance advanced along
avalanches as
ants and aunts
advanced American advertisements
all aliens
are arrogant
and above all
asymmetrically antiseptic

Dont Ask Why
I am a demon with a human disguise
blood red poison fills my feline eyes
filthy night vision and blueberry thighs
eat out your heart and I will eat out mine

This is my life and I aint no pretender
Please take off your shoes or I cant let you enter

Pick at the seams fingernails dead
beautiful people live alone in the threads
an empty night screaming I wanna stay for more
wake up next morning in this waterboard bed

This is my life and I aint no pretender
Please take off your shoes or I cant let you enter

Dont seek meaning, meaning seeks you
open your eyes and baby seek out the truth
I dont know the purpose of these holograph dreams
structure vision savior in this tangerine theme

This is my life and I aint no pretender
Please take off your shoes or I cant let you enter

New Inspiration
My inspiration was acid
and each tragedy screamed like bullets on the blank page
and now
the effluent of that day no longer weighs me down
It was sad that such a filthy act cured me of such angst
my devious act to get on track
but nothing will ever be the same
the game of angels and demons on fast track
a game changer for the anger
But the beast is still real
its onyx eyes boring right through each synaptic cleft
thoughts flying through like lightspeed death...
Nothing will ever be the same
Thats what I said
but the truth is that I will always be me
the emotions will cling
the debris dirty and filthy
but I finally have the tools to rebuild

Pretty Wings
I breathe life into you
written word for cause
open vision for a new time separate from the faults of before
I lived so scared of what could be
from me
from others I care for
to others I was there for
I just want to wake up once and for all
but the process is never ending
and ending is but a way out of this struggle
that no one dares run towards
I thought that the feminine would solve this nightmare
the nights where I sat on self-destruction
but the age of time
brings light to what was always here.

I see complete possibility
the initial thought but a continuous
dream of individual letters
in unison
communion of breath
and life
to fight and rise above the temptations
of fear and self-defeat
and I now sit here with the solution at my feet
what was once an equation of violent rage
has taken the shape of the race of time
and I just want to enjoy the moments

I spoke to you in my dreams
and we cried the day away
cried for you to stay
and flap your pretty wings forever and ever
together we would change this life
our fight
our open angel angle that proved that
we were always there
never where
but here for all to see
nothing to be ashamed of
nothing to focus this anger on any longer
your pretty wings
let your pretty wings lead we on my way.

  My eyes have been closed
       when your eyes have always seen me.
I dream to wake up
but you wake up and realize life is a dream.
I ask questions about my existence
and make distance from the real answer
but you, you believe the essence of existence
 is to make distance of the questions.
You relish the opportunity to feel life
and be free
but me, I use fear to spice up my life like a jar of relish.
We are not really that separate
except that
we accept that we provide
the solution to
each others illusions,
my seclusion
and your delusion.
Its the
that sears away
my tears and sips on them in delight.
I just ask that you come outta the dark
into the light
join me
in my fight for life.

ASAP track
Some people hear rap
I hear passion
blood after blood action
catching dreams 
chasing satisfaction.
Like open minded rivers 
it makes you shiver when you realize youre holdin back
ready to attack
ready to blast 
the complex math
of an empty path from an empty past
what is this trash?
I hold the key
like an open suture
im oozing out my future
its all a part of my interaction.


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